Life moves.
Movement is a direct pathway to aliveness.

BodySensate Contemporary Dance

Photo by Dale Peterson


Intent to attend creates possibility.

Sensation and movement are in constant dialogue.


Movement is change.
Techniques are a technology for change.

Choreography for Learning

Photo by Dale Peterson


Relationships of self-to-self, self-to-other, and self-to-world are the basis for functional movement.

Community is empowering.

Photo by Kathee Miller

B odySensate represents the kinesthetic artistry, activism, and pedagogy of Matthew Nelson, MFA, CLMA, LMT.

Guerrilla Dance Practice Blog

Guerrilla Dance Practice Day 101 Jump! My body felt a bit slow and uninspired this morning when I started dancing at UCSB under the trees outside the Student Resource Center. I choreographed little ex...

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