iGenerate was premiered in November 2013 at Nectar in Santa Barbara, CA.  The most recent version is for Green Space Blooms in Queens, NY, in April 2014.

If you have arrived at this page via the iGenerate.org web link, then you have seen the most recent version of the work.  I’d be honored if you’d comment on what you saw, below.  I’ll also stay in touch with you about future developments, including an instructional web series to teach movement practices inspired by the principles of permaculture.

iGenerate.org was originally stimulated by presentations I was giving about Permaculture Dance Project in which I was lecturing and moving at the same time.  The original picnic table performance was a sales pitch for solar installations, combining my interests in movement with a job in solar sales.  I have been learning to use the web increasingly as a platform for connection, and iGenerate.org was also a website linking generative products such as solar, and practices, such as dance, somatic movement education, and bodywork.  The site itself has been replaced by the now rebuilt www.bodysensate.com, and I have turned back to my true love, movement, understanding that my interest in solar was primarily to learn the space in which activism and entrepreneurship coalesce.

The video of the original performance is viewable through the following link:


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